My experience shooting with the LomoGraflok [Youtube correction and some pictures]

I just uploaded a new video on my YouTube channel (found here).
I wanted to add some things that didn’t quite make it into the video, share the Instax images, and let you in on a couple of behind-the-scenes details about making YouTube videos.

If you want the short version, I really enjoyed the LomoGraflok. Shooting instant on 4×5 is just plain old cool- and super fun!

I was getting things wrong!

I made a factual error in the video, which I corrected with overlay text. You might wonder why I didn’t re-film those bits.
I could have, but I ran out of time and steam. This video took way longer to record than I like to admit. I was running out of steam, and I didn’t want to re-shoot scenes – again. On top of that, the article on the Lomography Magazine site will be uploaded on Thursday this week, and I wanted to get my video out before that so it could be included in the article.

I try to keep my videos as honest and accurate as possible and catch and correct mistakes.

Math is hard

Perhaps the thing that bugs me the most is the fact that I screwed up the math of how much Foma 100 costs vs. Instax Wide. I thought it was a strong enough point that Instax Wide isn’t cheap; it’s about the same as B&W 4×5 film if you develop it at home. However, checking the prices just before hitting the record button, I accidentally divided the cost of Instax wide by ten. They are usually sold in packs of 2 x 10. Which made it twice as expensive as I had written down.

If you are curious about how I got the final numbers. As of today (23-11-21).
50 sheets of Foma 100, incl. Vat costs €42.5
(price from

Cost per sheet Fomapan 100: 42.5 / 50 = €0.96

Jobo alpha developer and fixer, incl. Vat: €37.13
Devloping cost per sheet: 37.13 / 50 = €0.74

Total: 0.96+0.74 = €1.69

The capacity for the developer and fixer is 50 rolls of 135 or 120, according to the specs. One sheet of 4×5 is roughly the same area as one roll of 135 or 120.

Cost of a 2 x 10 pack of Instax Wide (colour), incl. VAT: €13.42
Cost of Instax Wide per sheet: 13.42 / 20 = €1.35
Another example: Rodinal 500 ml costs ~15 € I use 10 ml per dev run, and I can do 6 sheets on each dev. run*.
15/50=0,3 €/dev run 0,3/6=0,05 €/sheet

Fomafix 500 ml costs ~ 7 € Mixes 1:5, and 1 l of working solution will do 17 sheets (according to specs). 500 ml will give 3 l of working solution 7/(3×17)= 0,14 €/sheet Dev cost Rodinal & fomafix: 0,14+0,05=0,19 €

Foma 100 (still): 0,96 €/sheet
Tot: 0,19+0,96€ = 1,15 €/sheet

All prices are EU prices incl. VAT. (taken from fotoimpex or retrocamera, which are my resellers of choice)

The cost of development will vary greatly. You can often stretch chemicals beyond specified numbers (at your own risk, of course). I would say a good approximation would be 1-3 €/sheet for development alone. On top of that comes the film cost.

Fomapan 100 is the cheapest film I’ve found, but even so, it works beautifully and is what I shoot the most, so I would say the cost is about the same. The price of film varies greatly between brands and manufacturers. If you shoot slide film instead, for instance, and have it lab-developed, that’s another story—one I don’t want to think about. Luckily, I’m a B&W fanatic!

* note that using less than 5ml rodinal per sheet is not recommended. I do use, as stated, 10 ml for 6 sheets. So, I’m stretching the developer slightly. If you use 5 ml/sheet instead, that would be 0,15 €/sheet. And that would mean a total of 1,25 €/sheets instead

Enough I want images

I don’t have too much else to add, more than some images. I really liked the look of Instax. It’s contrasty, but it reminds me a lot of slide film.

Have a lovely day!

P.S. I realise all besides one image made it in ti the video. But enjoy!

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