YouTube Clarifications, Large format gear & costs

I recently published a video on my YouTube channel, meant as a general guide onto what gear one might need to get started with Large Formar Photography. However, not everything survives the final cuts, and sometimes you just plain old forget. Therefore I wish to make some clarification and ad a couple of things I didn’t mention in the video. Some pointed out in the comments, and some I want to add myself.

Accessories not mentioned

I forgot to mention a loupe, wich comes in handy when obtaining critical focus. I use one myself, however, I also managed to focus fine without one (I mostly shoot landscapes).

A tape ruler to measure bellow extension. This is something I don’t use, but if you do macro or close-ups it can come in handy. As the amount of light reaching the film will differ, and can be as much as 1-3 stops. But if you mostly shoot around infinity, you should be ok.

Lens manufacturers

I mentioned 4 main manufacturers. In reality there’s tones of them out there. But the four mentioned are very common and fairly affordable. So my recommendation stands, but by all means buy something else if you want to. I myself have a thing for Zeiss-lenses.

Lens board hole sizes

In the video I mention that the hole is measured in Copal-sizes. This is only partial true, coapl is actually a manufacturer. It happens to be one of the most common manufacturers out there, togheter with Seiko. Anyhow Copal-sizes has more or less become a general term, but not all shutters fits in a copal size. So do a fast Google before buying, or pull out a ruler!

Film & development

I most admit,I never used the chemicals mentioned in the video. I bought it but I haven’t gotten around to use it. I instead mainly use Rodinal or Rodinal for developing my film. And for fixer I use Ilford Rapid fixer.

Paper is never mentioned, and I use fomapan RC paper as my main paper.

Paper chemicals can differ from film chemicals, sometimes you can use the same but not always. I use chemicals from Illford i my darkroom. But will probably switch over to something else once I finished the bottles.

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